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Mankind fills no container worse than he fills his stomach.

In the past most illness was mostly the result of a lack, such as warmth, food etc. Now it is mostly due to excess and in particular excess of the wrong food or food in general.

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Grandma's Old Fashioned Chicken & Dumplings


Chicken legs tend to make Chicken & Dumplings more flavorful but white meat, or a mixture of white and dark meat also work well in this low calorie, low fat recipe.

Ingredients for this low calorie, low fat recipe are:


2 chicken legs

1 can of Pillsbury Biscuits (10 to the can - 110 calories each)

5 Chicken Flavored Bullion Cubes

Salt, Pepper

1/2 cup of skimmed milk


Butter, Margarine or No Calorie Butter Spray


Boil chicken legs in one quart of water. While chicken cooks, roll out biscuits as thin as possible using a bit of flour for dredging. If rolling pin becomes sticky, dust with flour. Form a stack of 'dumplings'.

Once chicken has cooked thoroughly, retain broth and remove cooked chicken, cool and bone. Set meat aside. Next, add enough water to your broth to create about one quart of water. Add bullion cubes, 2 Tablespoons of margarine, salt and pepper to suit personal taste.. While water reaches boiling stage, take a case knife that has been dipped in flour and cut through the stack of dumplings to create several small dumplings.

Carefully drop into the boiling water a few at a time, stirring now and then to ensure that dumplings do not stick. Once dumplings have cooked to desired tenderness, add milk.

Enjoy with a cup of skimmed milk and a chunk of lightly buttered bread.


Calories: This low calorie, low fat free diet menu recipe makes 10 servings at about 150 calories per serving.


As a note, dumplings are notorious for sticking and a remedy that we've found that works well is to transfer the uncooked dumplings to a microwavable dish and finish cooking in microwave. You'll need to keep checking so that dumplings do not overcook.


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