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Mankind fills no container worse than he fills his stomach.

In the past most illness was mostly the result of a lack, such as warmth, food etc. Now it is mostly due to excess and in particular excess of the wrong food or food in general.

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Richard Simmons Diet

The Richard Simmons diet focuses on three areas: diet, exercise, and motivation. It emphasizes a balanced diet, moderate exercise, and a positive outlook.

The Richard Simmons diet consists of three main parts: diet, exercise, and motivation. These three parts are combined to make a weight loss and exercise program that follows healthy guidelines for most adults, and is intended to provide weight loss at a moderate pace.


The Richard Simmons diet follows guidelines for a balanced, healthy diet and moderately paced weight loss. It emphasizes fruits and vegetables, with a minimum of seven servings of fruits and vegetables each day. The minimum daily number of calories on the diet is 1,200. This is generally thought to be a healthy number of calories per day for adults trying to achieve weight loss. The diet includes about 60% carbohydrates, 20% fats, and 20% proteins. Also included each day are 2 servings of low or non-fat dairy products.

Richard Simmons provides a number of different tools to help people follow his diet more easily. One of these is known as the Deal-A-Meal, which provides cards in a wallet. Each card represents one serving of a food group, and during the day as the dieter eats the cards are moved from one side of the wallet to the other. Once there are no cards left the dieter knows that he or she has eaten all of the allotted food for that day. A more recent version of this tool is the Food-Mover, which is a tool designed to fit easily into pockets or purses. As the day goes by the dieter closes a tab for each serving of proteins, carbohydrates, and other food groups as they are eaten. It also includes windows for water and exercise, aswellasmotivational messages.

Many different cookbooks are also available, which include a wide variety of recipes designed to be eaten while on Simmons' diet. Also available is a food diary so that the dieter has an accurate way to record not only how many servings of what food groups were eaten, but which specific foods, and any other information the dieter wants to record.


The Richard Simmons diet is designed to be done with one of his exercise routines. He has many different routines and is known for pairing upbeat music with moderately strenuous exercises. Simmons designs his exercise programs so that they are safe and effective for almost anyone to do, including the very overweight and seniors. Some of the titles of his exercise videos and DVDs include "60s Blast Off," "Richard Simmons Dance Your Pants Off!," and "Richard Simmons Super Toning." He also has specialty videos for some groups such as "Richard Simmons and the Silver Foxes" a work out routine designed for seniors that features various celebrities who played moms and dads on television. His DVD "Sit Tight" is designed for people who, for any reason, cannot exercise standing up. It is designed to give a dieter a full workout all from a sitting position.


Richard Simmons provides motivation to dieters following his plan in many different forms. On his website,, dieters can join his clubhouse, for a fee, and get access to many helpful tools. There are discussion boards where dieters can share their frustrations or encourage others, and a daily motivation message from Simmons. He also frequently chats live to members and to give them even more motivation. His exercise DVDs are filled with up-beat music and encouraging words.

Simmons' website provides information about when he can be seen on any of the many television shows on which he appears as a guest. Additionally, there are also many opportunities for dieters to be motivated by Simmons, in person. He travels an average of 250 days per year, according to his website, and visits places as diverse as senior citizens centers, schools, and shopping malls. When he is not traveling he still regularly teaches exercise classes at his health and fitness club "Slimmons". He also organizes a cruise from New York to the Caribbean each year that dieters can sign up for. The cruise is designed for people following his program and includes special meals, motivational talks by Simmons, and exercise.


The Richard Simmons diet is intended to help people lose weight at a healthy, moderate pace, over time, and to help the dieter keep the weight off after the desired weight loss has been achieved. Simmons intends the diet for all dieters, even those who are disabled by their obesity. He also believes that it can be effective for senior citizens, or others who need a more moderate pace of exercise.


There are many benefits to losing weight, being more healthy, and being more fit. The benefits of weight loss can be very significant, and are generally considered to be the greatest for people who are extremely obese. People who are obese are at higher risk of type II diabetes, heart disease, and many other diseases and disorders. The risk and severity of these disorders is generally greater the more overweight a person is. Weight loss, if achieved at a moderate pace through a healthy diet and regular exercise can reduce the risk of these and other obesity-related diseases. Increased exercise can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. An additional benefit of the Richard Simmons diet is that his motivational messages are intended to help dieters get through the trickiest times of dieting without giving up, and can help lead the dieter to an more positive outlook overall.


Anyone thinking of beginning a new diet or exercise regimen should consult a medical practitioner. Requirements of calories, fat, and nutrients can differ significantly from person to person, depending on gender, age, weight, and many other factors such as the presence of any disease or conditions. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should be especially cautious because pregnant and breast feeding women have different needs of vitamins and minerals, and deficiencies of can have a significant negative impact on a baby. Exercising too strenuously or beginning a rigorous exercise program too suddenly can have negative effects on the body such as an increased risk of injury. Injuries during exercise can include as strained or sprained muscles, and proper warm up and cool down procedures should be followed to help minimize these risks. It is often best to begin with light or moderate exercise, and increase the intensity slowly over weeks or months.

Research and general acceptance top

Richard Simmon's diet has not been the subject of any significant scholarly research. However, moderately limiting caloric intake, eating a diet low in fats and carbohydrates and high in vegetable and plant products is generally accepted as a healthy diet for most people. The Richard Simmons diet follows the United States Department of Agriculture's MyPyra-mid guide recommendations for healthy eating.

As of 2007, the U.S. Center for Disease Control recommended a minimum of 30 minutes per day of light to moderate exercise for healthy adults. Following Richard Simmons' program would meet this minimum recommendation. Many studies have shown that even this amount of exercise can have significant health benefits including reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Studies have also shown that exercise is a very important part of any weight loss plan, and diet and exercise combined are more effective for long term weight loss and weight maintenance than either diet or exercise alone.


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